Thursday, February 19, 2009

Creamy Tomato Soup

Creamy Tomato Soup
By Kenn K, a friend

6 slices of bacon
1 Red onion (or yellow, I just prefer red) chopped
4 Celery Stalks, chopped
3 Carrots, chopped (or about 2 cups of chopped baby carrots)
6 Cloves of garlic, minced
2 cans or 1/2 a carton of Chicken Broth
2 cans (14.5 oz each) diced tomatoes
2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Black Pepper
4 Bay Leaves
2 tsp Thyme
1 tsp oregano
1 can Crema (table cream), or 1 cup sour cream
1 cup milk
1 T parsley, finely chopped or dried

Optional garnish
Chopped avocado
grated asiago, parmiggiano regiano, or romano cheese

Don't these colors look gorgeous?! Veggies are much more photogenic than soup.

Cut bacon into 1” pieces and cook in a large soup pot over high heat, stirring, until most of the fat has rendered but bacon is still soft (i.e. not crispy). Transfer bacon to a paper towel-lined bowl or plate and set aside. Pour out all but about 2-3 Tbsp of the bacon grease. Reduce heat to medium high, add the onion, carrots, celery, garlic, bay leaves, salt, and pepper, and cook, covered, stirring occasionally, until soft and fragrant, about 8-10 minutes.

Add thyme and oregano, and stir to incorporate herbs. Pour the broth and (undrained)diced tomatoes into the pot. Cover and bring to a boil. After it comes to a boil let mixture cook for about 20 – 25 minutes covered while stirring occasionally to keep ingredients from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Remove the bay leaves, add the parsley, and stir. Turn off the heat. Mix the soup with a hand held stick blender until completely it is the consistency you desire.

Pour the heavy cream into the puree slowly while stirring/whisking. Add the bacon pieces back to the soup and stir.

Garnish individual servings with avocado and grated cheese.

1. Add seasonings according to your taste. Don't feel limited. I also added some dried basil.
2. Diced tomatoes come in a variety of options. One of our cans actually had diced jalapenos added. Nice kick!
3. If you do not have a hand held stick blender, a normal blender works, but make sure to blend only a few cups at a time so it doesn't spill over.
4. Use real cheese. None of that canned fluff.

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  1. Congrats on your new site! I'm so excited to try out your recipes. This soup sounds so yummy!