Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dear Subscribers & Followers,

Please don't leave me! I know I have been a terrible food blogger the last little bit, but there's a reason. Some of you follow my personal blog as well, so this is just a repeat of that. I'm pregnant! And with the first trimester comes the dreaded morning sickness. Luckily it isn't as intense as the first two times, so hopefully, I will keep things under control for the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, my cooking and cooking inspiration is lacking. I love flavor and spices and herbs and sauces....but right now, bleh. I am even having a tough time looking at some favorite food blogs out there. It breaks my heart. Please forgive me if I start posting *gasp* what we refer to around here as "white people food." Yes, we are "white." But that doesn't mean we have to eat meat and potatoes every night. One thing you will probably never find in the Chilton Kitchen is a casserole. Both of us think they're disgusting excuses for a meal (no offense if that is what you cook).

So folks, I need some help. Are there any good, bland recipes out there you'd like to share? Please comment and give me some links. No tomato sauce, nothing super creamy or spicy or ..... oh goodness, just let me know if you find anything. I will be posting again soon. Thanks for your patience.



  1. Classic... a food blogger asking for recipes :) Gotta love pregnancy!

  2. Well, first, congrats on the pregnancy! So happy for you! I'll keep my eyes out for new "preggo friendly" recipes for you!

  3. I love your commitment to avoid the whole casserole thing. I wish my hubs would agree. Sigh.

    Congrats on the pregnancy. Perhaps some sort of bread or breadsticks thing would be in order? Something that can have a hint flavor but not make you sick?