Friday, May 28, 2010

(Healthier) Cinnamon Rolls--Bread Machine

I have 3 treat weaknesses.  Sour gummies, almost anything chocolate, and cinnamon rolls/sticky buns.  I think I am getting over the addiction of the first two.  I can now handle walking by the candy aisle, and NOT buying those sour candies (maybe it is the red lake #40 that freaks me out), and I really only crave chocolate every now and then...but cinnamon rolls get me.  If I find a recipe that claims to be "THE best," I have to try it.  (FYI, I tried one for Christmas morning.  What a flop!  If you want to make some mini cinnamon rolls, please let me know.  Who wants mini rolls anyway though, honestly!)

My friend Natalie sold her bread machine to me a few months ago, and she had posted on her awesome food blog the recipe that comes with the machine:  Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls.  Mmmm...I had these, loved them.  I wanted to test it for myself when I bought the machine, but I wanted to try and make them "healthier."  Let's be honest, most bready things aren't healthy, but we all need a little more fiber in our diet, so I used some whole wheat flour in place of half of the white.  The result was just as fluffy, just as perfect as the original (in my opinion, at least).  These would be great for a big family breakfast, or for giving to neighbors just because.  Or for eating every day for a week...

(Healthier) Cinnamon Rolls
adapted from Cuisinart Bread Machine instructions (works on any bread machine

2/3 c. warm milk
3 eggs
6 T butter, softened and cut into pieces
½ c sugar
1 tsp salt
1 ½ tsp vanilla
4 c. flour
2/3 c. cornstarch
2 1/4 tsp yeast

¾ c. brown sugar
2 ½ T cinnamon
4 T melted butter

Add ingredients to bread machine pan in the order listed (I need to make a note here...remove the pan from machine, add ingredients in order listed, then put it back in...I make too many messes when I forget that). If you have the option available, run dough cycle for a 1.5-2.0 lb loaf.  When cycle is finished, cut dough ball in half and roll out dough into two large rectangles, about ½ in thick. Brush melted butter and sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon over each (add more if you like). Roll up, pinch the edge closed, slice, and place in prepared baking pan.  Cover with clean towel and let rise for 35-40 min or until doubled in size. Bake at 350 for 20-25 min or until they sound hollow when tapped.

Let cool for a few minutes, then top with frosting.

Cream Cheese Frosting:
4 oz cream cheese (softened)
¼ c butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 ½ c powdered sugar
1 T milk

Beat all frosting ingredients until smooth.

Makes 20-24 rolls.

Sare's notes:
1. I am not a huge frosting person, but this stuff is wonderful!  I sometimes have some left after icing the rolls.
2. I like to reshape the rolls after slicing them off the roll because sometimes I squash them when I am slicing.
3.  Don't eat more than 3 in one sitting.  Your tummy will get bigger :)

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  1. Hey Sarah, I saw your note about squashing the rolls.. in 8th grade home-ec class we made "Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls" (soo good!) and we learned to take a piece of thread and put it under the log of dough and cross the string to slice off a piece. You could try that next time, it works really well.